Northlake Professional Group, LLC Podcast and Free Conference

Podcast page

We’re excited to announce that Michelle and Gwen had the opportunity to share their stories on a podcast hosted by Brianne Thomas of Northlake Professional Group, LLC.

We first met Brianne on Twitter. Like many instructional designers (ID), she made her way into instructional design from an unexpected path. You can follow her at @northlakepg to get to know her.

2018 Professional Development Summit

Brianne started her podcast to build excitement for her upcoming online conference. On September 17-18, 2018, the 2018 Professional Development Summit will link IDs with an online professional development conference.

The best part? It’s free!

As instructional designers, it’s important for us to keep up with current trends and network with others working in the field. Unfortunately, a lot of us don’t have a budget or time to travel to a conference. This challenge encouraged Brianne to organize a virtual conference for professional development—and we’ll all benefit from attending online or connecting on the Twitter backchannel!

Connecting with the eLearning Community

We enjoyed the opportunity to discuss instructional design with Brianne, and we’re looking forward to joining her at the virtual conference. We’d love to network with other eLearning professionals as well—join us in the comments or tweet us at Model eLearning on Twitter.




Author: Jessica Bishop, Instructional Designer

Jessica is a proud Michigan native. She met her husband Matt (who grew up 20 minutes from her) at a college two hours from home. Misty, their Siamese cat, is paranoid (and adorable). In her free time, Jessica likes to craft, read, write, and walk.

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