Submission Guidelines

Model eLearning publishes content primarily sourced by the eLearning team at Spring Arbor University. We have opportunities for guest posts throughout the year.

Our audience includes longtime instructional designers, higher education instructors, and graduate students exploring instructional design topics. Your post should keep these audiences in mind.

Post Specifications

We’re looking for quality posts about models, strategies, tips and tricks, and practical advice for implementing effective learning design.

We publish two types of content: Shorter, more personal posts or specific how-tos, and longer, researched pieces providing a deeper dive into a specific topic. Shorter posts range from 300 to 500 words, while longer posts should aim for over 800 words.

Don’t write just to fill up a word count, however. We’d rather have a shorter post of quality words than lots of filler.

Original Content

Content should be your original thoughts and ideas. You’re encouraged to reference contemporary and academic sources, but don’t stray too far toward plagiarism. Aim for around 80% your own words and 20% citations or paraphrases. We aren’t going to run a plagiarism report on you, but use your best judgement.

We don’t accept content that has been previously published on other blogs, websites, or media. You can freely quote previous work within the context of a new piece.

After your post or content publishes on Model eLearning, you’ll need to wait at least one month to republish it to other sites (including personal blogs). If you republish, include a link to the original post.

Images and Copyright

Model eLearning’s editorial team will select or create a featured image for your post. You’ll need to source any additional images or media for your post and indicate where they should be placed in your post.

If you would like a specialized graphic created for your post (like a graph or other data visualization), you must notify the eLearning editorial team upon submission of your initial draft. Graphics can only be provided for drafts submitted on the outlined deadline schedule.

You are responsible for ensuring appropriate copyright permissions are obtained for any media that you wish to use in your post.


Posts from contributors outside of the team will be scheduled based on availability on the content calendar. Drafts should be submitted no later than 10 business days before the publish date. You can expect suggestions within 3 business days of your draft submission. While we’re willing to do multiple rounds of edits, we need final copy no later than the Thursday before they publish so that we can schedule it in WordPress and social media.

Submitting Your Draft

Please attach a Word document and provide a brief synopsis of your proposed post in the email body to Include the subject line Model eLearning Draft Submission.

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