The Building Blocks of OER

We’ve put together an infographic of OER data for you to share with your colleagues, department chairs, and administrators. Let’s build relationships and keep the conversation going to increase OER awareness and adoption on campuses across the world.


When we look at the numbers, we can agree that open educational resources (OER) make sense; OER saves students money by providing quality, innovative content and learning methods.

We’ve got a full-size JPEG version available for download. If you want to share, modify, or just view it in more detail, reach out to us via email or Twitter, and we can hook you up with the original vector image.

While this might be the end of our OER series, we’re not finished exploring open educational resources. What are your plans for OER? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.


Author: Dave Zokvic, Assistant Instructional Designer

Dave helps Model eLearning forge narrative and gamified eLearning and side-hustles as a writer and designer for Northward Compass. Off the clock, he’s likely eating sushi, wandering around a bookstore, playing tabletop games, or picking up his next ‘digital native’ skill.

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